Cori Karountzos, Pub & Banquet Manager
Christos Karountzos, Kitchen Manager & Head Chef
Mimika Coleman, Hotel Manager & Office Admin
Paul Coleman, Building & Maintenance Manager

Contact Information

Hotel Creston Ltd.
1418 Canyon St. (Hwy 3)
PO Box 1729
Creston, BC    V0B1G0

Phone: 250-428-2225
Fax: 250-428-5557



• Follow Hwy 3 into Creston’s downtown core
• Turn onto 15th avenue to access our back parking lot
• Look out for our big green sign!
• Full parking at back entrance
• Hotel guests check-in at the reception desk in the lobby
• Lobby is accessed from the back parking lot
• Jimmy’s Pub & Grill is accessible from the front and back entrances

Lobby Entrance





12 Comment

  1. Hello. I booked a room at your hotel yesterday evening for two nights, May 19 & 20. We will be coming to Creston for my grand-neices wedding. I was just on the wedding site of Randall Fabbra & Carlee Abbott and realized I should have booked through the site in order to get the group rate. If possible, would you be able to make the adjustment?
    I appreciate it and look forward to our upcoming stay in your hotel!
    Thank you
    Linda Onofrychuk

  2. Re previous comment. I meant to send my e-mail along with my confirmation number which is: 201700895

  3. A few minutes ago I enquired about booking a room. I have realised I spelt the word ‘internet’ incorrectly.
    My email address is actually Please use this revised address to advise re my enquiry.
    Jeremy O’Reilly

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  7. I would like to play some music on your patio, was hired one year ago and was recepted qute well. My mix is from lighter rock, Eagles, doobie brohers,lots of great country tunes of the day. We are a two piece, guitar and bass, great music, my name is Bryan Ferguson 250-428-6124,
    can play up to four hours.

  8. Hi
    I am looking for a monthly rental short term for the month of October.
    I am a non smoker, don’t party and quiet.
    looking for the month of October 2018.

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  10. Looking for a winter break, wondering if you do month rentals. Would like small suite for month of March 2019. Please provide price and terms if possible.

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