October 14, 2021   Hotel Creston Ltd.
Jimmy’s Pub Banquet Room will continue regular operations during the COVID-19 outbreak whilst taking in consideration extra precautions as advised by Public Health Authorities. Our number one priority is to provide a safe working environment for our patrons & employees so we can continue to provide products and service to our valued customers.

With our banquet room, our staff are required to wear a mask during set-up, service and after your party has ended. 

As our banquet room is booked as a private event, the Provincial Covid Policies applies to the Organized Gatherings, policy as followed:



1. A person may permit a place to be used for or may organize or be present at an inside event if the provisions of this Part and Part D are complied with. 

2. Subject to further direction from me posted on my website, no more than 50 persons, or 50% of the seated operating capacity of the place, excluding event staff, whichever number is greater, are present.

3. There is an organizer.

4. Access to the event is controlled.

5. There is seating available for each participant, and each participant is assigned to a seat or a table.

6. Participants are seated throughout the place in such a way as to use all available space.

Despite section 6, with the written consent of a participant, an organizer may keep a record of the fact that the participant has provided proof of being vaccinated in compliance with this Part until this Order expires or is repealed, and the organizer may rely upon this record to satisfy the requirements in this Part with respect to future participation by the participant in an event at the same place.

7. Participants stay in the seat to which they are assigned, and do not move from seat to seat.

Subject to section 7, an organizer must not retain proof of vaccination or identification provided by a participant or use it for any purpose other than to confirm that a participant has been vaccinated, as required by this Order.


8. Participants at an event, other than a program for children or youth, remain seated, unless movement, such as getting up to speak at a meeting, or to read, is necessary for the purpose of the event, or to

a. be served at a serving counter, obtain a meal or snack in a take-away container, or use a self- serve food or drink station,

b. use washroom facilities,

c. provide assistance to another person who requires care or first aid, or

d. leave or return to the place.

D. PROOF OF VACCINATION 1. This Part does not apply to a person under 12 years of age

Commencing on October 24, 2021, the following requirements come into effect and replace the requirements in section 3 with respect to an event:

a. An organizer must obtain proof in the form of a vaccine card that a participant has received two doses of vaccine.

                b. A participant must provide an organizer with proof in the form of a vaccine card of having received two doses of vaccine.

 c. An organizer must not permit a participant who has not provided the organizer with proof in the form of a vaccine card of having received two doses of vaccine to enter or remain a place for the purpose of an event.

d. A participant who has not provided an organizer with proof in the form of a vaccine card of having received two doses of vaccine must not enter or remain in a place for the purpose of an event.

e. If an event takes place on more than one day, the requirements in this section apply on each of those days.

An operator must not scan the QR code on a vaccine card, or paper record of vaccination, with any tool other than a BC Vaccine Card Verifier App.




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Under 6 hours                             $55
Over 6 hours                                $100

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• No age limit for Banquet Room rental – children welcome
• Discounts may apply for charities if a charitable tax receipt is provided


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