Covid Policies – Private Indoor organized gatherings

There are no capacity restrictions on indoor organized gatherings. Proof of vaccination would be required for organized gatherings with more than 50 people.

                    100% of the seated operating capacity of a place may be used for the purpose of a seated inside event: ~60 in the Banquet Room, ~120 in the Pub

                                    There must be a designated event organizer. Access to the event must be controlled: This can be done with tickets or just a guest list

Each participant must be provided with a seat and participants are seated throughout the place in such a way as to use all available space.

If there is a food or drink station, there must be hand-washing facilities or alcohol-based sanitizers. There must be signs reminding participants to wash or sanitize their hands before touching self-serve drink stations: we would require this if we were to serve a buffet, have communal appy platters or coffee station out

Dance floors are closed, no dancing unless they are designated performers.

The owner of the place in which an inside event is held must be satisfied that the organizer is aware of the conditions and requirement and has the capacity to fullfill them: we would fullfill them in this case as we are catering

The organizer and participants (if over 50people) must obtain proof of a vaccine in the form of a vaccine card that shows having received two doses of vaccine: We would do this on the guests’ behalf

An organizer may keep a record of the fact that the participant has provided proof of being vaccinated but may not use it for any other purpose than to confirm that a participant has been vaccinated: this is optional

A full description of these points direct from the government website are found here:


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Room Rental

Rates with Catering & Bar service provided by Creston Hotel:
Under 6 hours                             $55
Over 6 hours                                $100

Rate without Catering & Bar Service $100.00 Flat rate

Banquet Room Catering Menu

Mandatory Booking Form Below

Complete and submit to:

Banquet Room Booking Form

Please call us directly to inquire about available dates


• Must fill out mandatory booking form to confirm
• Prices are subject to change: Prices valid until December 31, 2021
• Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance
• Greek Buffet must be booked minimum 2 weeks in advance
• 20% restocking fee if cancelled less than 48hrs in advance of the booking
• No age limit for Banquet Room rental – children welcome
• Discounts may apply for charities if a charitable tax receipt is provided


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